Before you go to a bike shop to make a purchase, you should first understand the types of bikes that are available in the market. By understanding the different types, it makes it easier for you to make a decision on the kind of bike to buy. Some of the types of bikes you should know are as follows.

Road Bikes

These kinds of bikes are meant to be ridden on flat pavements. Their tyres are thin and smooth. Their handlebars have a dropped shape. They tend to be light and cannot perform very well in rugged terrain. They are also not your best option when you are looking for a bike for an extended tour where you have to carry a load. They are however perfect for a daily commute along paved paths.

Cyclocross Bikes

Also referred to as cross bikes, the cyclocross options can be mistaken for road bikes, but they have been specially designed to be used on mixed surfaces and not just smooth pavements. They can be ridden on gravel, grass, trails and pavements. Their handlebars are dropped just like the road bikes, but their tyres are wider, and frames are heavier to sustain the additional rough zones.

Mountain Bikes

These are bikes designed for off-road adventures. They have flat handlebars with a low gear range to enable the riders to pedal efficiently on steep trails. Mountain bikes have also been made with shock absorbers that are helpful during a ride across rough terrain.

Fitness Bikes

These are also similar to road bikes but are specially made for people who want an upright handlebar, and a bike that will go on different trails. They are lightweight but have slightly wider tyres. They can also be used by people who are looking for commuter bikes since they allow for the mounting of cargo racks.