Before taking your bike out for a ride, you must ensure that you have the right clothing and protection. Undoubtedly wearing the right gear is not just for your personal safety, but it also helps to keep other road users safe. Some of the protection and clothing that every cyclist needs are as follows.


Having a helmet on protects your head from injuries if you take a fall, or if you are hit. The impact from falling on a moving bike is always so heavy that if you do not have a helmet on, you are likely to suffer from brain damage or even die from the impact. As a rule, you should wear good quality helmets that fit you well so that you are protected fully.

Reflector Jackets

Having a reflector jacket makes you visible to oncoming vehicles. It reduces your chances of being hit. It also makes it easier for other vehicles to give way to you in case you lose control and find yourself on the wrong side of the road. Reflector jackets are not just for wearing at night. They also give good protection during the day, especially when the weather is foggy.

Sun Protection

Since you may be riding out in the sun when riding your bike, you should invest in excellent sun wear, including sunglasses, a hat that covers your head and face but does not obscure your vision. You should always make sure that your body is fully covered to protect you from getting sunburn and other conditions that come with being exposed to harmful UV rays.

Attire for Good Grip

The shoes you wear should have a firm group so that you do not slip off while trying to pedal. You should also wear gloves that make it easy for you to keep your hands on the handlebar even when you are sweating.