Have you just bought a bike, or are you thinking of investing in one? Other than purchasing the mainframe, you also need to consider some of the accessories that you will need to buy so that your cycling trips are more comfortable. Some of the accessories you need for your bike are: as follows.

Fenders/ Mud Guards

As the name suggests, these help in protecting your bike from the mud. They may not look fancy, but they serve a great purpose in keeping your bike clean and avoiding the spluttering of dirt that comes when you are riding on a muddy or watery road. They also help to keep you safe from sudden halting that occurs when your bike is suddenly throwing mud and water at you.


Even if your bike is not expensive, it is a precious and personal item that needs to be protected. One of the accessories that you will need for your bike is a good bike lock. Compare and contrast different options and make sure that you have read the reviews from people who have used the locks that you are considering so that you know for sure the one that is convenient for you, and the one that is likely to keep you safe.


You need to get front and rear lights for your bike to keep yourself and other road users safe. These lights make you visible from a distance and help in avoiding you getting knocked down by incoming vehicles. They also help to illuminate the path that you are using to avoid tumbling over or hitting something in the dark.


Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, riding your bike, and then suddenly realising that your tyre is going flat. Having a pump is a sure way of remedying the situation, and that is why every biker should have it as an accessory. You should also invest in a multitool kit for repairs.